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«Immune portrait of the nation»

Project number DP21681594
name of the project «Immune portrait of the nation»
Applicant «Scientific andnclinical center oncoreabilitation» LLP
Grantee «Scientific andnclinical center oncoreabilitation» LLP
Private Partner «Scientific andnclinical center oncoreabilitation» LLP
Implementation period 26 months
Place of sale (city/region) Astana
Industry Health care
Implementation status In the implementation
Objective of the project Introduction of technologies for mass immune screening of the population.
Project Description The Immune Portrait of a Nation program is a technology for mass immune screening of the population.
The problem is that today there are no laboratory methods for examining the immune system suitable for daily clinical work. There are also no methods for immune screening. At present, the state of the immune health of the population remains unknown.
Determination of immunity according to the author’s technology is carried out by mathematical processing of indicators of the complete blood count (CBC). That allows you to know the level of immunocompetence of the population at all levels.
It solves the fundamental problem of the accessibility of the population to immunological examination.
List of products sold with prices Immunologic testing of the population in selective and mass screening variants.
The price per unit of service is 500 tenge.
Project team (full name) Uderbaeva Gulmira Zhenistikova;
Onaibekova Kamila Yerkinkyzy;
Dzhunusov Dinmukhamed Sainuly;
Ergazin Olzhas Ermekovich;
Omirbekova Nazerke Nurlybekkyzy.