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Design and manufacture of software and hardware complex of intelligent heat metering «Saiman-AUEС»

Project number AP15573764
Name of the project Design and manufacture of software and hardware complex of intelligent heat metering «Saiman-AUEС»
Applicant NJSC “Almaty University of Energy and Communications”
Grantee Saiman Corporation LLP
Private Partner Saiman Corporation LLP
Implementation period 2022-2025
Place of sale (city/region) Almaty
Industry Digitalization
Implementation status in the implementation
Objective of the project Development and implementation of a domestic version of a digital complex for intelligent heat metering to meet the growing needs of users and producers of thermal energy in Kazakhstan in response to the modern challenge of the need to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
Project Description The commercialized result of scientific and/or scientific-technical activities is a system of theoretical and methodological views on defining the essence, goals, objectives, principles, and methods for creating a demanded domestic competitive digital complex for intelligent heat metering in Kazakhstan, which forms the methodological platform for developing a prototype of the created complex. The proposed prospective result addresses the problem of import substitution of equipment and software for intelligent heat metering, which are the basis of digital systems for managing the production and consumption of thermal energy, in current geopolitical conditions. The implementation of such systems using the commercialized result on a national scale addresses the pressing task of increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.
List of products sold with prices 1. The heat meter assembly – 637,000 tenge. 2. License for software, per unit – 1,000 tenge.
Project team (full name) Utepbergenov Irbulat
Manatova Gulzat
Zikirbay Kauanysh
Toibayeva Shara
Dzheksenbinov Damir