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Nanorelief transfer technology

Name of the scientific organizationName of the research projectName of the developed technology, product, or service that you plan to commercializeScientific novelty of researchDegree of research noveltyBranchFull name, position, academic degree, qualification and work experience of the project supervisorContactsProject TeamWhat commercial and consumer problems will be solved as a result of the project’s commercialization?
Al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAP05134926 ELECTRON-ION LITHOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGY FOR HOLOGRAPHIC PROTECTION OF COINS, BULLION AND PRECIOUS METAL PRODUCTSNanorelief transfer technologyThe proposed technology of electron and ion lithography for applying rainbow holograms is characterized by high performance, better resolution and low cost, depending on existing methodsImport-substituting technology. The Swiss company ARGOR-HERAEUS produces gold bars for sale. Currently, there is no laboratory for designing, creating and applying technologies for rainbow holograms on the surface of metals (ingots, coins)in Russia and Kazakhstan in the form of a nano-relief. The proposed technology of nanorelief transfer consists in cheaper equipment equipment compared to analogues, in design flexibility (multipath electronic technology does not require the manufacture of masks – a necessary component of optical lithography; it allows you to directly create a pattern in a resist of various complexity-avoiding the restrictions imposed by the production of masks), in the economic advantage-the absence of masks, in the implementation of at room temperature, which makes it possible to use any materials for etching, exposure doses decreased, which gives a shorter experimental time and an increase in the resolution of nanolithography technology-about 10 nm.electronics, mints, securities, holographyM. M. Muratov, PhD Leading Researcher7 707 828 89 83STS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences-Zaitsev S. I.
MNS-Huseynov N. R.
MNS-Nemkaeva R. R.
MNS-Baigarinova G.
MNS – Myrzabekova M. M.
Engineer-Klyshbaev S. B.
Laboratory assistant-Muradova S. M.
Laboratory assistant-Protsenko N.
Laboratory assistant-S. B. Dyusembekova
development of nanostructuring technology