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Production of domestic defoliants of complex action

Project number AP15573885
Name of the project Production of domestic defoliants of complex action
Applicant LLP “Research and Production Center” GRANT KZ “
Private Partner LLP “BIO TECH INVEST”
Implementation period 2022-2024
Place of sale (city/region) Shymkent
Industry Chemical industry
Implementation status in the implementation
Objective of the project Production and sale of domestic defoliant of complex effects
Project Description A technology has been developed for obtaining defoliants of a complex effect, which is more economical, technologically advanced, easily implemented and cost-effective. The finished products obtained as a result of using the invented method do not contain chlorides in the form of ballast. Due to the presence of physiologically active compounds, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, 2-chloroethylphosphonateethanolamines and phosphatecholine in the composition of the defoliant, the defiling activity of the drug is enhanced and its consumption rate per unit of sown area is reduced. Adjustment of production in this area makes it possible to import substitution and promotion of domestic products on the world market. The offered products will be cheaper than similar foreign productions.
List of products sold with prices Domestic defoliant of complex action 1200 tenge/liter
Project team (full name) Akilov Talgat
Isabaev Nurpeys
Imangaliyev Telzhan
Amirbekova Elmira
Turakulova Elena