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Manufacture of many vector smart intelligent fertilizers of prolonged action

Project number AP15573967
Name of the project Manufacture of many vector smart intelligent fertilizers of prolonged action
Applicant NJSC  M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University
Grantee Farm “Zhantas”
Private Partner 1. NJSC  M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University                                                                2. Farm “Altynai”
Implementation period 2022-2024 yy (26 months)
Place of sale (city/region) Shymkent
Industry Chemical industry
Implementation status in the implementation
Objective of the project Creation of production and production of multi-factor fertilizers of prolonged action with a capacity of 2000 tons of fertilizer mixture per year to provide the agro-industrial complex with a new range of polycomponent fertilizer mixture “ZHAMB-70” containing trace elements and moisture-retaining substances.
Project Description The complex-mixed granular mineral fertilizer tukosmesh “ZHAMB-70” of prolonged action, contains a moisture-retaining substance, trace elements and humates in its composition, allows to recultivate the soil cover. Based on the information about the chemical composition of the soil, it is possible to introduce ammophos, lump sulfur and potassium containing raw materials into the mixture.The production of mineral fertilizer is two to three times cheaper than the production of products according to the traditional scheme (from 70 to 85 thousand tenge per ton), which makes it affordable for farmers.
Website in the implementation
List of products sold with prices Fertilizer mixture “ZHAMB-70”, 75 000 tenge per 1 ton
Project team (full name) Zhantasov Kurmanbek Tazhmakhanbetovich                  Bazhirov Tynlybek Sayfutdinovich    Kyrgyzbaev Turabay Kyrgyzbayevich Urazbayeva Gulnara Zharasovna    Zhantasov Mels Kurmanbekovich