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“Industrial production of sweet sorghum syrup “Baldai” for multi-purpose use”

Project number АР15573770
Name of the project “Industrial production of sweet sorghum syrup “Baldai” for multi-purpose use”
Applicant Kazakh National Research Technical University named after  K.I. Satpaeva
Grantee LLP “Caspian gold”
Private Partner LLP “Caspian gold”
Implementation period 2022-2025
Place of sale (city/region) Almaty region
Industry Agro-industrial complex and processing of agricultural raw materials
Implementation status in the implementation
Objective of the project Development and implementation of industrial production of sweet sorghum syrup “Baldai” for multi-purpose use in the South-East of Kazakhstan.
Project Description As a result of the project implementation, industrial production of the Baldai syrup obtained from sweet sorghum will be launched. Sugar sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) is a very promising crop for cultivation in risky farming areas of Kazakhstan, as it is resistant to extreme environmental environmental factors. It uses solar energy very efficiently as it is a C4 type of photosynthesis and consumes 5 times less water than corn. Sweet sorghum is an excellent raw material for making syrup, which can be used to produce sugar, bioethanol, confectionery, preventive products for athletes and for people working in hazardous industries, including uranium mining.
List of products sold with prices 1. Sugar sorghum syrup – 2000 tenge kg. 2. Bagasse – 35,000 tons
Project team (full name) 1. Anapiyayev Bakytzhan Beisenbekovich
2. Myrzagaliev Zhalgas Sharipovich
3. Iskakova Konirsha Myrzashevna
4. Omarova Aiman Shegenovna
5. Zetbek Gauhar Samatkyzy