+7 7172 79 98 60 Full-stack low-code platform with built-in AI Assistant

Project number DP21681568
Name of the project Full-stack low-code platform with built-in AI Assistant
Applicant Non-profit Joint-Stock Company “K. I. Satpayev Kazakh National Research Technical University”
Grantee Axellero LLP
Private Partner Axellero LLP
Implementation period 2023-2025
Place of sale (city/region) Almaty
Industry Digitalization
Implementation status in the implementation
Objective of the project Launch of the full-stack low-code SaaS platform with a built-in AI assistant for accelerated digitalization of organizations model, organization of sales of the platform
Project Description is a low-code full-stack platform that allows users to develop applications with a minimum amount of code through graphical interfaces. It includes tools for working with all application development stacks: front-end (web and/or mobile applications), back-end (APIs, processes, services, integrations and databases), as well as application lifecycle management. The AI ​​assistant built into the low-code platform allows you to reduce the barrier for users without programming skills. Support for the delivery of the platform via SaaS (Software as a Service) model will expand the reach of the platform’s client base and allow users to use it remotely via the Internet, without worrying about their own servers, scalability and fault tolerance
List of products sold with prices Low-code full-stack platform with built-in AI assistant.
Licenses for the platform from 2,228,339.00 tenge to 89,133,560.00 tenge
Project team (full name) Ruslan Kurkebayev
Shyngys Bekbergen
Diliyara Brimzhanova
Raisa Uskenbayeva
Zhyldyz Kalpeyeva
Kairat Nurgabylov