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“Commercialization of biological sulfur-containing fertilizer “BioSera” to increase soil fertility”

Project number DP21681877
name of the project “Commercialization of biological sulfur-containing fertilizer “BioSera” to increase soil fertility”
Applicant «EcoSave» LLP
Grantee «Bioscience ES» LLP
Private Partner «EcoSave» LLP
Implementation period 2023-2025
Place of sale (city/region) Akmola Region
Industry Agro-industrial complex and processing of agricultural raw materials
Implementation status In implementation
Objective of the project The organization of serial production of sulfur-containing biofertilizer “BioSera”.
Project Description During the project realisation, serial production and sales of the sulfur-containing fertilizer “BioSera” will be established, which helps to reduce the alkalinity of the soil and increase the availability of phosphorus and other elements from the soil for plants.
– Production of a batch of product for demonstration tests;
– Conducting demonstration tests of the product in the fields of farms;
– Test sales of the product;
– Purchase of specialized equipment for production;
– Organization of the production site;
– Commercial sales;
– The project’s self-repayment.
The potential market volume in Kazakhstan in monetary terms is 234.27 billion tenge, the available market volume is 5,626,500 000 tenge.
Website In development
List of products sold with prices Fertilizer “BioSera”
The cost is 100 000 tenge/ton
Project team (full name) Zhappar Nariman Qazbekuly
Zhuldospayev Dair Zeinullovich
Kazhkenov Gomar Zekeshovich
Korolkov Iiya Vladimirovich
Takibaeva Gaini Kairatovna
SHaihutdinov Valentin Minzakievich