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Universal slot filter for process wells

Name of the scientific organizationName of the research projectName of the developed technology, product, or service that you plan to commercializeScientific novelty of researchDegree of research noveltyBranchFull name, position, academic degree, qualification and work experience of the project supervisorContactsProject TeamWhat commercial and consumer problems will be solved as a result of the project’s commercialization?
JSC VolkovgeologyDevelopment of technology for the use of a universal slot filter with various gravel dusting in the casing during the construction of technological wellsNew SF filter designNew filter design and application technologyUuluchenie of consumer characteristics in comparison with domestic analoguesUranium mining companyA. A. Mushrapilov, Chief Engineer of the branch of JSC “Volkovgeologiya” of TSOME, qualification-mining engineer, work experience of 18 years.7 775 233 2307, mushrapilov_aa@vg.kazatomprom.kz1. Zhasymbekov B. E., head of PNTBiP TSOME, Master of Engineering and Technology in spec. 6M070600 – “Geology and exploration of MPI”, experience of 10 years 2. Kudabaev B. A., chief specialist of PNTBiP, mining engineer, experience of 34 years 3. Sultanov E. S., process engineer 1 cat.PNTBiP, mining engineer, experience of 26 years 4. Shchodro Yu. V., process engineer 1 cat.PNTBiP, mining engineer, 37 years of experienceTime reduction by 36-48 v / h