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Technology of vacuum ion-beam processing of parts of mechanisms and machines at industrial enterprises

Name of the scientific organizationName of the research projectName of the developed technology, product, or service that you plan to commercializeScientific novelty of researchDegree of research noveltyBranchFull name, position, academic degree, qualification and work experience of the project supervisorContactsProject TeamWhat commercial and consumer problems will be solved as a result of the project’s commercialization?
Karaganda University named after E. A. BuketovCreation of a pilot production facility and research center for vacuum ion-beam processing of machine partsIntroduction of the technology of vacuum ion beam processing of machine and machine parts in industrial enterprisesFor the first time in the world, a method for determining the surface energy of deposited coatings has been patentedImproved consumer performance compared to its global counterpartsEnergy and mechanical engineeringViktor Yurov, Director of the Research Center, Candidate of Sciences. phys. and math sciences experience 41 years87053000992 excition@list.ru1. Viktor Yurov, Director of the Research Center, Candidate of Science Sciences. phys. and mathematical sciences experience 41 years 2. Makhanov K. M., Associate Professor Ph. D., 21 years 3. Baltabekov A. S., Associate professor 18 years. 4. Tenchurina A. R.-Candidate of Chemical Sciences, 18 years old. 5. Kusenova A. S.-Candidate of Chemical Sciences, 21 years old. 6. Salkeeva A. K., Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 21 years old. 7. Zhanabergenov T. K. Candidate of Technical Sciences, 22 years old. 8. S. A. Guchenko, PhD student, 12 years old.Significant reduction of unplanned costs due to failure and technological downtime of equipment and equipment of nuclear and thermal power plants, increased labor productivity and reduced labor intensity, due to the introduction of modern technologies, reduced material consumption and production costs, increased profit and profitability. The economic effect of the Project implementation will be at least 10 million tenge per year.