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“Shagala-M” drone

Project Leader: Bayseitov Gani Nuralievich, Ph.D., General Director of R&D Center “Kazakhstan Engineering” LLP, +77475132000.

Project name: The unmanned aviation complex “Chagala-M”.

Project description: Production of unmanned aircraft systems (LHC) of domestic development for the needs of various spheres of economic activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Competitive advantage: A unique airframe and product architecture with domestic software that allows you to accompany the entire life cycle of the device.

Commercial proposal:

Joint participation in the competition for grant financing of RNTD commercialization projects on co-financing terms.
Implementation of the developed technology by us on the terms of 1% of the annual profit.
Conclusion of a license agreement.

Companies most suitable for partnership: The company has a base for the manufacture of products made of composite materials, has a workshop of electronic equipment and relevant specialists.