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Mobile wind power plant with diffuser

Name of the scientific organizationName of the research projectName of the developed technology, product, or service that you plan to commercializeScientific novelty of researchDegree of research noveltyBranchFull name, position, academic degree, qualification and work experience of the project supervisorContactsProject TeamWhat commercial and consumer problems will be solved as a result of the project’s commercialization?
Development of a technical prototype of a composite wind power plant with a diffuserWind turbine generator fairingfor the first time, a mobile portable composite wind turbine is being createdThere are 3 types of wind turbines with a diffuser in the world (USA, Japan) – stationary, unlike these wind turbines , this type is easily disassembled, transferred and assembled in 2-3 hours by 3 developers, which is convenient for migrating or remote and mechanical engineeringBaishagirov Khairulla Zhambayevich Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,87021502073 bayshagir@mail.ruT. D. Karimbayev, A. A. Poddubny, S. K. Ermaganbetova, B. M. Omarov, Kh. K. Tanbayev, I. N. Zemlyakovavailability and low prices