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Elective course “The image of a perfect man in the teachings of thinkers”

Name of the scientific organizationName of the research projectName of the developed technology, product, or service that you plan to commercializeScientific novelty of researchDegree of research noveltyBranchFull name, position, academic degree, qualification and work experience of the project supervisorContactsProject TeamWhat commercial and consumer problems will be solved as a result of the project’s commercialization?
Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical UniversitySystem of concepts in the worldview of the ancient TurksElective (special course) course “The image of a perfect person in the teachings of thinkers”. Articles in journals recommended by COXON, 2 articles in journals included in the SCOPUS or Web of Science database. MonographThe research project addresses a very important topic in today’s changing society. Changes in consciousness in the era of globalization oblige today’s generation to know the history of the country, land, language and culture. It is aimed at preserving loyalty to the original traditions that formed the common Turkic culture, including national values that were not lost for many centuries and led to victories and achievements in the education of future generations.The scientific novelty and significance of the project stems from these concepts, since the research direction of the project is research in the field of education and science, and its priority area is the study of topical issues in the field of education and linguistics. In modern society, the study of topical issues of linguistics, the development of public consciousness and the education of a new generation of conscious people have been revived. The mechanisms for implementing the program of Elbasy “Mangilik El”, “Modernization of public consciousness” and the concept of “formation of a new quality person” will be comprehensively defined in the Address of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan in 2020.Other. The results of the study will become the basis for self-development and the formation of students, undergraduates and young scientists as a perfect person. The results of the study will also be distributed in the field of higher education and will be used to provide scientific and methodological support to young scientists, teachers of higher educational institutions of philological faculties and students of the specialty “Turkology”.8. Research in the field of education and science. 8.1.2. Research of current problems in the field of education and linguistics. Basic research.Kosymova G. D. Ph. D., Professor. Length of service: 32.77015773509. gkosym@inbox.ru1. Zhalalova Akshay Maksutovna.Leading researcher. PhD, senior Lecturer. 27. 2. Абуова Ақжарқын Тлешовна. Senior researcher. PhD, acting Associate Professor. 30. 3. Калиева Нұргүл Шамшархановна. Senior researcher. Master’s degree, senior lecturer. 18. 4. Zadakhanova Aliya Azatkhanovna. Junior research assistant. Master’s degree, teacher. 2.