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Anti-shock pneumatic pelvic belt for temporary immobilization

Scientific DirectorAcademic degree, positionOrganizationTelephoneProject nameDescriptionCompetitive advantageInvestment offer
Efendieva Elnara ImdatkyzyDean of the School for Work with Foreign Students, PhDSemey Medical University+77783387188Anti-shock pneumatic pelvic belt for temporary immobilizationAnti-shock pneumatic pelvic belt for temporary immobilization and transportation of the victim in case of pelvic bone damageWhen air is injected into the chambers, lateral compression into the pelvic girdle is carried out simultaneously and evenly without moving the bone fragments relative to each other. Evenly created stable fixation of the pelvic girdle eliminates the mobility of fragments of pelvic bones, reduces bone bleeding and eliminates damage to the main vessels by sharp edges of fragments.The final financing structure and the distribution of participation shares will be determined based on the results of negotiations with the business partner.