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Production of environmentally friendly epoxy resins for industrial applications

Project number AP15573473
Name of the project Production of environmentally friendly epoxy resins for industrial applications
Applicant Satbayev University
Grantee Elcos Marketing LLP
Private Partner Elcos Marketing LLP
Implementation period 2022-2024
Place of sale (city/region) Almaty
Industry Chemical industry
Implementation status in the implementation
Objective of the project Creation of a pilot production of liquid epoxy resins with improved characteristics
Project Description Epoxy resins have been developed – materials based on the reaction between modified bisphenols A and F, polycarbonate and epichlorohydrin in the presence of 50% sodium hydroxide as a catalyst, without the use of a solvent. (There is an act of testing the properties of epoxy resins).
The uniqueness and novelty of the technology: moderate temperatures during production, the absence of a solvent in the reaction, the exclusion of highly corrosive chemicals during production, new reagents as catalysts. All this reduces the cost of production.
Relevance of the technology on the market: the main problem of using HPS is: high rigidity and a high percentage of shrinkage. Our products Elcos-NG1010, Elcos-NG1010 and Elcos-NG2050 do not shrink, but at the same time they have improved mechanical properties, chemical resistance and water resistance. Thanks to improved technology, materials will be produced 10-15% cheaper than the market value of analogues.
List of products sold with prices 1) Elcos-NG1010
Unmodified epoxy resin of medium viscosity based on bisphenol A. Selling price 3362 tenge.
2) Elcos-NG2060
Semi-solid epoxy resin based on bisphenol A. Selling price 3106 tenge. 3) Elcos-NG2020
Low viscosity epoxy resin based on bisphenol A, modified with aliphatic monoglycidyl ether. The selling price is 3208 tenge.
Project team (full name) Eligbaeva Gulzhahan
Iskalieva Asylzat
Irmukhametova Galiya
Negim Attiya Elsaid Musa Elishmawi
Bekbaeva Lyazzat