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«Modernization of the technological line for dressing and dyeing sheepskin to produce export-oriented eco-products for household and special purposes» 

Project number AP15573952
Name of the project «Modernization of the technological line for dressing and dyeing sheepskin to produce export-oriented eco-products for household and special purposes»
Applicant Non-profit joint-stock company “M.Auezov South Kazakhstan University”
Grantee Individual entrepreneur “Kozhabekova Gulzhan Torebekovna”
Private Partner Individual entrepreneur “Kozhabekova Gulzhan Torebekovna”
Implementation period 2022-2024 уу.
Place of sale (city/region) Zhambyl region
Industry Chemical industry
Implementation status in the implementation
Objective of the project A view to project is an implementation and commercialization of RSSTA, followed by going on market competitively, fundamentally new special devices, by modernizing existing businesses in terms of technology and production of environmentally safe fur skins and organization of tailoring it a wide range of export-oriented products.
Project Description R & D was performed on the funding of the initiative project team and an individual entrepreneur “IE Kozhabevova GT”
Continued work is planned. In the next step it will be needed to organize industrial production, based on the submission of a request for tenders for the commercialization of RSSTA, development of small business.
Project product has a high potential of export to the CU countries, the CIS, especially the Russian Federation, where there are orders that want to contract to purchase the product.
It is planned to launch the organization of production of products for household and special devices on the basis of newly developed eco-technology processing sheepskin fur. This contributes to the solution of the problem of domestic production of products of household and special supplies, supplying the needs of consumers in the consumer goods and export of fur raw materials from the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Processing of sheepskin skins on a production basis and obtaining a semi-finished fur product makes it possible to solve the problem of the targeted use of hides of small cattle (MRS) remaining from the slaughter of MRS, given that the number of MRS in the Republic of Kazakhstan is constantly increasing. Unfortunately, about 80% of sheep skins are still not processed in the Republic of Kazakhstan and thus restricts the export of fur raw materials outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.
As a result of the creation of a small and medium-sized business (SME)- Startup companies for processing sheepskin skins using new technology, contributes to the fact that sheepskin in the amount of several million pieces per year will not be thrown away, and often without compliance with sanitary standards, and the skins will not be sold to buyers who send them at a very low price abroad, mainly to China.
The adjustment of fur production and tailoring of products from it with consumer qualities, through the development of SMEs, allows Kazakhstan access to the world market of fur products, along with the largest importer of fur products like Turkey, where leather production is established at the highest level, to get a solid profit from this industry.
There is evidence that about 80% of sheepskin skins are exported from Kazakhstan in the form of raw materials, mainly to China, while the main share of exports is made by illegal means. All these goods, after processing and sewing products from it in the same China, are also purchased back by Kazakhstanis, and the prices for them are rather high.
The concrete application of the project results in the near future contributes to the revival of the lost fur production of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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List of products sold with prices Leather hats                                                             Leather outerwear                                                                              Fur accessories for leather and leather clothing Children’s leather goods                                                                  Household leather goods
Project team (full name) Kalimbetov Berdiyar Esbatyrovich      Kozhabekov Mukhammedzhan                Kalymbetov Bakyt Berdiyarovich             Kozhabekov Madin                                  Saduakas Aruzhan Azimkhankyzy