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“Development of the on-board terminal of the emergency call device (ECD) and organization of its production”

Project number AP15572552
Name of the project “Development of the on-board terminal of the emergency call device (ECD) and organization of its production”
Applicant Satbayev University
Applicant Satbayev University
Private Partner ERG Research and Engineering Center LLP
Implementation period 2022-2024
Place of sale (city/region) Kostanay region
Industry Machine-building
Implementation status in the implementation
Objective of the project Commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities is the improvement of the Unified software and Hardware complex of the Electronic seal (USHCES), which is part of the RSSTA, and the creation on its basis of an on–board terminal of an emergency call device (ECD), the organization of the production and sale of ECD, profit from the sale of ECD.
Project Description As a result of the project, the production of on-board terminals will be organized. On-board terminal – of an  emergency call  device  (ECD), designed to be installed in vehicles for use as a means for determining and ensuring the coordinates, speed and direction of movement of a vehicle using signals from existing global navigation satellite systems, transmitting a message about a vehicle in case of a traffic accident and other emergency situation, and also carrying out two-way voice communication with emergency operational services via mobile radiotelephone networks in manual or automatic modes.
List of products sold with prices The revised USHCES  and the ECD created on its basis in accordance with TR CU 018/2011.                        Organized production of UVEOS.                  Sale of ECD in accordance with the program of production of 250,000 tenge
Project team (full name) Sultanbekova Leila Ermekovna Ongarbayeva Magripa Mukanovna  Uali Uriyash Kadyrbekkyzy