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Creation of a bee nursery for the production of honey bees of domestic selection

Project number DP21681724
name of the project Creation of a bee nursery for the production of honey bees of domestic selection
Applicant LLP “South-Western Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Plant Growing”
Grantee ТОО «Global Bee»
Private Partner IЕ “Normukhamedov R.T.”
Implementation period 2023-2025
Place of sale (city/region) Shymkent
Industry Agro-industrial complex and processing of agricultural raw materials
Implementation status Implemented
Objective of the project Commercialization of the selection achievement “Intrabreed type K-2020 for honey bees of the Krajina breed of the South Kazakhstan population”
Project Description A new intrabreed type of honey bees K-2020 has been obtained, which is zoned in various climatic conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
At present, there is a great need in the market of Kazakhstan for high-quality, healthy bee colonies that would compete with neighboring countries, from which more than 50 thousand bee packages are annually imported into our country. Imported packages are often carriers of infectious diseases, with low productivity of bees, and also do not correspond to breed qualities, which aggravates the general gene pool of the country. For lack of a choice, beekeepers have to buy bee packages from unverified sources, therefore, farmers do not receive full profit from low-quality bee colonies, and also bear additional costs for the treatment and raising the immunity of bees.
The created intrabreed type K-2020 of honey bees of the Krajina breed of the South Kazakhstan population is promising and competitive, adapted to all breeding areas and will always be in demand both in the near and far abroad.
Selection and reproduction of zoned breeds of bees in the southern region of Kazakhstan makes it possible to provide high-quality breeding material with improved productivity of bee colonies. Allows you to improve the required quality of queen bees and fix them.
The catastrophic reduction in the number of bee colonies, which has befallen in recent years the beekeeping of many countries of the world, including Kazakhstan, and, in this regard, the growing acuteness of the problem of restoring the lost, put the task of intensive reproduction of honey bee colonies in the category of the most urgent. The implementation of this project will improve the gene pool and increase the number of quality bee colonies in our country.
List of products sold with prices Queen bee – 5,500 tenge                                Bee package – 22,000 tenge
Project team (full name) Shimelkova Roza Zhumakylyshkyzy – head Demidova Irina Valerievna – researcher Kanalin Zhanbolat Dzhambulovich – commercialization specialist                    Abdullaev Nurgul Erzhanovna – accountant