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Production of the synbiotic NAR, a product for high-quality longevity

Project number 0263-16-ГК
Project title Production of the synbiotic NAR, a product for high-quality longevity
Applicant National Laboratory Astana Nazarbayev University
Grant Recipient LLP “Agrofirm “Rodina”
Private partner LLP “Agrofirm “Rodina”
Implementation period 2017-2019 years
Location of implementation (city/region) Akmola area
Sector Healthcare
Project objective Launch of a new unique functional product synbiotic NAR on the market of Kazakhstan, which is recommended as an adjunctive therapy for diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, obesity/overweight, as well as to maintain a healthy intestinal microflora.
Project description The consortium used unique strains of microorganisms isolated from national medicinal drinks (koumiss, shubat, ayran), which have a complex of antigenotoxic, probiotic, and antioxidant properties. The product will be intended for the prevention of colorectal cancer due to antigenotoxic properties and, thirdly, it is intended primarily for elderly and senile people for the correction of age-related disorders, the prevention of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases.
List of products sold and their price Synbiotic NAR – 370 tenge.
Project team (names) 1. Kushugulova A.R.;
2. Chaika D.M.;
3. Kozhakhmetov S.S.;
4. Tuyakova A.K.;
5. Zhumabayeva L.S.
Indicators (sales, exports, taxes, royalties, number of jobs) Sales: 139,529,805 tenge;
taxes: 16,492,098 tenge;
royalty: 5 678 760 тенге;
number of working places: 5