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Production of GreenCrete ™ polymer sulfur and building materials based on it

Project number 0384-17
Name of the project Production of GreenCrete ™ polymer sulfur and building materials based on it
Applicant JSC “Institute of Metallurgy and Enrichment”
Grantee «Dala-Ekos» LLP
Private Partner
Implementation period 2017-2020
Place of sale (city/region) Almaty region
Industry Ecology
Project objective To organize the production of polymer sulfur GreenCreteTM and building materials based on it through the construction of a technological line
Project Description A new material for road construction based
on polymer sulfur GreenCrete ™ . Composition of GreenCrete ™ :
99.6% (wt.) sulfur with less than 0.2% (by weight) of organic and inorganic additives – stabilizers.
The technology is aimed at solving the problems of sulfur utilization and the use of sulfur modification products in applied technologies – the production of building materials, the tire industry.
The implementation of this project will ensure the production of road surfaces, road clothes and slopes, concrete products and materials based on sulfur polymer for construction, chemical, and other sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
List of products sold with prices Seropolymer – 100,000 tenge per 1 ton
Project team (full name) 1. Kuldeev Yerzhan Itemenovich (project manager)
2. Muldashev D.К. (specialist in commercialization)
3. Busygin I.G. (process engineer)
4. Ilmaliev Z.B. (senior researcher)
5. Busygina N.V. (chief scientific officer)
6. Satiyev A.A. (process engineer)
7. Satkynova М.A. (economist)
Indicators Sale – 300 000 tenge;
Taxes – 26 748 283,74 tenge;
Workplace – 7.