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Production of complex configuration metal products

Project number 0307-17-ГК
name of the project Production of complex configuration metal products
Applicant “M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University” NJSC
Grantee “AS Technics” LLP
Private Partner
Implementation period 2017-2021.
Place of sale (city/region) Shymkent
Industry Metallurgy and metalworking
Objective of the project Prefabricated metalwork production organization that offers products with complex configurations and a high rate of assembly-disassembly.
Project Description Steel structures, prefabricated metal products, and steel and aluminum alloys processing technology have been organized, increasing metal strength and wear resistance.
List of products sold with prices Grid ZDK-1 – 1 500 tg per piece;
Shelf – 2 000 tg for 1 piece;
Bookmarked part of a support – 7 500 for 1 unit;
Support – 14 000 tg for 1 piece;
Bracket for suspended metal shield – 1 100 tg per 1 piece;
Suspended metal shield – 9 300 tenge per 1 pc;
Metal case – 2 800 tenge per piece;
Bracket for lamp – 3 330 tg for one piece.
Project team (full name) 1. Abat Dzhumakhanovich Myrkhalykov (project manager);
2. Armangazy Ashimovich Muratov (commercialization specialist);
3. Baurzhan Seytzhanovich Myrkalykov (researcher);
4. Marat Magauyanovich Kaztay (RBC specialist);