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Production of a dietary supplement with geroprotective activity based on polyphenols

Project number 0183-18-ГК
Project title “Production of a dietary supplement with geroprotective activity based on polyphenols”
Applicant Zhaksybai Shaimardanovich Zhumadilov
Grant Recipient Startup company “VICTUS PHARM” LLP
Private partner «Ren-jez» LLP
Implementation period 2018-2022
Location of implementation (city/region) Ulytau region
Sector Health care
Project objective Production and sale of a polyphenol-based dietary supplement with geroprotective activity
Project description The developed production technology makes it possible to obtain a therapeutically effective concentration and composition of polyphenolic compounds, which gives the product geroprotective activity and prevents the risk of age-related pathologies.
List of products sold and their price 20 000 tenge/1 pcs.
Project team (names) 1.  Valentina Trofimovna Belyakova;
2. Alexander Evgenievich Gulyaev;
3. Madiyar Askhatuly Nurgaziev;
4. Rinat Rafaelevich Nuriev;
5. Shynggys Dauletkhanuly Sergazy ;
6. Laura Erbolatovna Chulenbaeva  ;
7. Zarina Toktamysovna Shulgau
Indicators (sales, exports, taxes, royalties, number of jobs) Sales: 6,423,000 tenge;
taxes: 59,272,516 tenge;
number of jobs: 9