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OMSystem (opinion monitor system)

Project number 0101-18-ГК
name of the project OMSystem (opinion monitor system)
Applicant Institution “National Academy of Sciences of the High School of Kazakhstan”
Grantee Institution “National Academy of Sciences of the High School of Kazakhstan”
Private Partner NAS of the “Al-Farabi Kazakh National University”
Implementation period 2018-2021
Place of sale (city/region) Almaty
Industry Digitalization
Objective of the project Providing a service of social network monitoring and content analysis of the Internet space for in-depth analysis of unstructured information using artificial intelligence technologies, in order to extract knowledge and obtain important information from text arrays to evaluate user perception of content, and assess the social well-being of society. Achievement of the set goal will be carried out by means of commercialization of a product and services on Internet space monitoring.
Project Description The first domestic information system for monitoring opinions OMSystem allows to monitor web resources and social networks with a subsystem for modeling the social well-being of society, by assessing the tone of messages / opinions, supporting a tone dictionary of the Kazakh language, built using machine learning algorithms.
List of products sold with prices Software product “OMS Opinion Monitoring Information System (main product)” – 398,232 tg per month.
Project team (full name) 1) Zhanl Jumangalievna Mamykova;
2) Shpak Marina Nikolaevna;
3) Torekul Saule Maratkyzy;
4) Sanertova Zhanerke Talgatkyzy;
5) Saksenbaeva Zhanna Sergeevna.