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Modernization of tourism digital content: mobile applications, panoramic 3D tours, interactive maps and QR codes

Project number 0358-18-ГК
name of the project “Modernization of tourism digital content: mobile applications, panoramic 3D tours, interactive maps and QR codes”
Applicant “Al-Farabi Kazakh National University” NJSC
Grantee “Al-Farabi Kazakh National University” NJSC
Private Partner “Bizhanova Kenzhegul Adikyzy” Individual entrepreneur
Implementation period 2018-2022
Place of sale (city/region) Almaty
Industry Tourism
Objective of the project The creation of a single digital content in the form of a portal (mobile application) will allow for the registration and implementation of tourist services, which will improve the safety of organized and amateur tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan through the ability to monitor the movement of citizens and create a deposit to pay for services. For the scientific environment, it will provide an opportunity to conduct a statistical review of tourists, monitor the multiplier effect of trips and actually assess the attractiveness of the tourist and recreational resources of Kazakhstan.
Project Description The project is aimed at creating an integrated digital system in the form of a unified portal for registering and selling tourist services, operating through the official website, mobile applications and other information resources.
List of products sold with prices 1. Sale of tourist products on the website – 177,800 tenge;
2. Placement of tourist products in the mobile application “TOURISMKAZ” – 112,900 tenge;
3. Development of panoramic 3D tours – 23,000 tenge;
4. The program of the interactive map of the tourist infrastructure – 62,125 tenge.
Project team (full name) 1. Aktymbayeva Aliya Sagyndykovna;
2. Tychkov Nikita Valeriyevich;
3. Plokhikh Roman Vyacheslavovich;
4. Nuruly Yeldar;
5. Ismail Gulim Zharaskyzy;
6. Sapiyeva Akmaral Zhenisbayevna;
7. Rabat Shyngys Zheksenbayuly
Metrics Sales: 21,044,731 tenge;
Taxes: 33,130,338 tenge;
Royalties: 9,371,000 tenge;
Number of working places: 7