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Introduction of a saumal-based metabiotic into production

Project number 0195-17-ГК
name of the project Introduction of a saumal-based metabiotic into production
Applicant Private institution “National Laboratory Astana”
Grantee SaumalBioTech LLP
Private Partner Trading House SAUMAL LLP
Implementation period 2017-2020
Place of sale (city/region) Karagandy region
Industry Healthcare
Implementation status
Objective of the project Synthesizing highly effective innovative product having no analogues in the world to treat metabolic disorders
Project Description Introduction of a new parapharmaceutical product with DNA protective effect to defend human body from the negative impact of internal and external environment and to cure disbacterial disorders of different ethiology based on natural mare’s milk.
This new product is made of natural vegetable, animal and mineral raw materials with pharmacological effect. It stands between pharmaceutical and food products and may be ideally combined with rational therapy.
List of products sold with prices metabiotic Saumet (from 12,000 to 15,000 tenge)
Project team (full name) Galymzhan Meirambekov
Samat Kozhakhmetov
Damir Zhussupov
Assiya Meirambekova
Nurislam Mukhanbetzhanov
Ayaulym Nurgozhina
Zhanagul Khasenbekova
Metrics sales: 32 610 008,00 tenge;
taxes: 72 617 216,30 tenge;
royalties: 2 000 000 tenge;
number of employments: 7