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Development and production of devices for automatic reading of water meters using PLC technology

Project number 0204-17-ГК
Name of the project “Development and production of automatic water meter reading devices using PLC technology”.
Applicant Limited Liability Subsidiary “Institute of Space Engineering and Technology
Grantee Saiman Corporation Ltd.
Private Partner Saiman Corporation Ltd.
Implementation period 2017-2020
Place of implementation (city/region) Almaty
Industry Digitalization
Objective of the project Introduction of an automated water metering system in accordance with global trends in Kazakhstan, through the creation, production and marketing of automatic pulse reading devices (ASR) and data collection and transmission devices (DCTD) to determine the readings of meters in real time and control the water balance of the automation object.
Project description The system as a whole allows you to control the water balance of the object of automation, to monitor water consumption in real time without direct access to meters, which solves the problem of loss of water supply systems and provides savings to both consumers and water supply companies.
List of products sold with price indication USI SaiCom P1 – 11 700 tenge for 1 pc.
USPD SaiCOM P3 – 22 300 tenge for 1 pc.
Project team (full name) 1. Alimbekov Almas Kabidenovich;
2. Baikenov Arsen Anuaruly;
3. Boguspaev Nurlan Bolatkarimovich;
4. Zikirbay Kuanysh Yergarayevich;
5. Suyundukov Nail Raufovich;
6. Raskaliyev Almat Serikovich;
7. Belousov Evgeny Olegovich