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Creation of a crop yield Improvement complex to address food security in Kazakhstan

Project number  0335-17-ГК
name of the project Creation of a crop yield Improvement complex to address food security in Kazakhstan
Applicant Abdumalik Manapovich Ashirov
Grantee “Eco-Product Research Centre” LLP
Private Partner “Asylay-A” LLP
Implementation period 2017-2021.
Place of sale (city/region) Turkestan region
Industry Agro-industrial complex and processing of agricultural raw materials
Objective of the project Commercialisation of highly effective innovative technology for increasing crop yields based on scientific discovery №272, “Law of enhancing bioresonance activation of crop seeds”.
Project Description The technology of seed pre-sowing treatment, which increases the yield by 20-25%, has been developed. Pre-sowing electromagnetic influence on the seeds of agricultural crops is used, with calculation of the favourable period for pre-sowing treatment. Once the device is switched on, low frequency electromagnetic waves are synchronised with the seeds’ own biorhythms. A bioresonance activation of the seeds takes place. As a consequence, the biological activity of the seed increases. As a result, cell metabolism is accelerated, an active start of the plant, development of a strong root system and improved photosynthesis are ensured. Subsequently, the treated plants better absorb mineral and nitrogen fertilizers. As a result, this leads not only to higher yields but also to improved product quality.
List of products sold with prices Services for pre-treating crop seeds. Per hectare, the service costs between 500 and 1500 tenge.
Project team (full name) 1. Abdumalik Manapovich Ashirov (Project Manager);
2. Yerzhan Maksutovich Faiziev (commercialization specialist);
3. Elena Vladimirovna Solodova (Senior Researcher);
4. Roza Dzhanysbekovna Abisheva (researcher);
5. Kazim Sadykovich Nadirov (researcher);
6. Yernar Saginbekovich Ongarbayev (researcher);