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Creation and organization of pilot production of power supply for LED lighting

Project number 285-16-ГК
name of the project Creation and organization of pilot production of power supply for LED lighting
Applicant “Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences
Grantee KazTechnics LLP
Private Partner
Implementation period 2016-2017
Place of sale (city/region) Shymkent
Industry Modernization of the energy complex
Objective of the project The aim of the project is to create and organize pilot production of power supply for LED lighting, which will supply the final product to the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Customs Union and neighboring countries.
Project Description KazTekhnikas LLP successfully created and organized pilot production of power supplies for LED lighting in aluminum and plastic cases.
The established domestic enterprise will allow manufacturers of LED lighting systems to purchase power supplies manufactured in Kazakhstan.
Today LLP “KazTekhnikas” possesses:
– production area of more than 3 thousand square meters. meters;
– administrative building – area of 500 square meters. meters;
– land – an area of 1.5 hectares in the industrial zone “Tassai”;
– technical conditions of the electric power – 800 kVa;
– technical conditions of natural gas – 80 cubic meters per hour;
– location within the city of Shymkent.

Advantages of the Power Source:
1. Minimum ripple – less than 1%;
2. Dual channel version (hot standby);
3. High efficiency;
4. good heat dissipation;
5. Presence of pulse width modulation (power control process);
6. Protection against overheating;
7. Short-circuit protection;
8. Unique power supply case;
9. 4 year warranty;
10.  Competitive price.

List of products sold with prices 1.power supply for LED lighting 60W – 7560 tenge; 2. power supply for LED lighting 100W – 8925 tenge; 3. power supply for LED lighting 120W – 9765 tenge
Project team (full name) Murat Sabit Shimbekuly, Alibek Batyrovich Kapashev, Zhanat Kappasov, Makpal Galymbekovna Zhartybaeva, Timur Azimovich Bokaev