Creating of the line in production of overall polymer-concrete products

2016 year

Grant recipient

«Өтемiс LTD» LLP

Term of realization

Since January 1, 2017 till July 31, 2018

The purpose of the project

Establishment of a plant for the production of overall polymer concrete products in accordance with the national standard ST RK 2598-2015 at a designated site in the Special Economic Zone "Saryarka", Karaganda

Resulting product of commercialization

A revision well for underground engineering networks of water supply, water disposal, gas supply and cable networks in accordance with ST RK 2598-2015. The well is made of polymer concrete material, in which polymers waste is used as a binding material, the construction sand acts as filler.

Overall dimensions of the well:

outer diameter is 1560 mm.

the diameter is internal 1460 mm.

wall segments 200 mm high.

a slab of a diameter of 1540 mm, a height of 200 mm.

Cover hatch diameter of 700 mm, height 80 mm.

 For calculating the height and mass, a calculation well of height H2100 mm, diameter D1560mm, is taken.

The calculated well consists of:

1. floor slab PP15 - 1 piece;

2. segment of wall KS-15 - 9 pcs;

3. bottom plate PD15 - 1 piece;

4. Cover-hatch KPP-7 - 1 pc.

5. Shell OK-8 - 1 pc.

The weight of the calculation set is 1050 kg.

Expected results

Experimental production of revision wells, reaching dimensions in the diameter of more than 1500 mm and weight up to 160 kg. on technology of thermoplastic formation. Application of new auditory wells in the construction of utility networks. Gradual replacement with new revision wells of traditional reinforced concrete in the construction industry and housing and communal services.


Using inexpensive components of raw materials, t. waste of plastics, construction sand, ground talc, bitumen and using high-pressure pressing to 50 kg / at a temperature of 200 ° C, we obtain inexpensive products that exceed the strength and durability characteristics of traditional reinforced concrete products of class B15 of brand M200. Revision wells in ST RK 2598-2015 have low weight in comparison with reinforced concrete analogs, have a greater value of crack resistance, greater value of frost resistance and water absorption. The above advantages give a lower cost of transportation, installation and increase the service life of the product.

Project leader

Пудов Александр Михайлович


010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Аstanа, Tauelsizdik av., 41, BC «Silk Way Center», 4 floor

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