Modernization of testing center for qualitative and quantitative studies of milk and milk products

2016 year

Grant recipient

LLP “SPE “Antigen”

Term of realization

2017 -2018 y.y. (24 months)

The purpose of the project

The aim of the project is to provide analysis services to the fatty acid composition, phytosterols and trans isomers in milk products with the chromatographic methods, based on the introduction of new, efficient and automated analysis procedures

Resulting product of commercialization

Analysis services to the fatty acid composition, phytosterols and trans isomers in milk products 

Expected results

1 Certification of products.

2 A record of putting the product into operation or introduction into market;

In carrying out analyzes on fatty acid composition, vegetable fats and trans-isomers of fatty acids, the results will be reflected in the protocol test.

3 Social and economic effect The result of this project carries a greater social impact degree. And aims to meet the consumers' rights to use a high-quality product. The ability of citizens of Kazakhstan to determine the falsification of dairy products, as well as to confirm the quality of products in the domestic accredited laboratory with the latest equipment and the latest standards, improved methodology and highly qualified personnel - this is what is the aim of the project, and subsequently its result..

Also scientific groundwork will be laid on the project. Laboratory equipment will allow to carry out research on the food content of the various pollutants to monitor and control.


All services are based on new automated analysis techniques, characterized by:

• The expressiveness of the method;

• Possibility of starting analyzes 24/7;

• Economical;

• Minimizing the impact of the human factor on test results.

And they will allow to reliably determine falsification of the fat phase of dairy products. with vegetable fats 


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